Who doesn’t love Chocolate? Here at The Gourmet Pantry we have sourced some of the finest in the world just for you to share with family and friends – or even keep all to yourself! Choose for yourself from our chocolate range or discover the range of premium hampers featuring decadent chocolate flavours to send to family, friends, customers, clients, or staff. As Australia’s first Chocolate manufacturer, Ernest Hillier Premium Australian Chocolates was founded in 1914 and continues today as the oldest privately-owned chocolatier still in operation.  Featuring the finest selection of chocolates including the quintessential fruit and nut, speckles, scorched almonds, and chocolate macadamias. The Melbourne Cocoa range is built upon signature blends of Milk, Dark & White Chocolate and features the iconic Melbourne CBD street-may on its packaging


Gourmet Chocolate Brands In Our Range

Ernest Hillier Chocolates

Ernest Hillier Chocolates is an Australian chocolatier. Founded in 1914, it is Australia’s first chocolate
manufacturer, and the oldest privately-owned chocolatier still in operation. As Australia’s first chocolate maker, Ernest Hillier changed us from a colonial backwater, grateful for the scraps of Europe and the US, into a producer of our own quality chocolate, launching a chocolate culture that continues to this day.

Geisha chocolate

Geisha chocolate was launched in Finland in 1962. This chocolate was born out of the idea of combining Mimosa, a popular crispy filling from a Japanese bakery product, with Finnish Chocolate brand Fazer ’s esteemed and well-known milk chocolate. Success was assured from the very first moment and Geisha chocolate, with its delicious, crunchy hazelnut filling is loved internationally.

Melbourne Cocoa

We painstakingly select ethically produced cocoa and cocoa derivatives from around the world and blend them with Australian milk powders and sugar by hand, in Melbourne's outer east, to create completely unique blends. Melbourne Cocoa sets out to define a flavour profile distinct to this part of the world. That is chocolate that tastes of chocolate - rich in cocoa and cocoa butter with a creamy, not milky, finish. The range is built upon our signature blends of Milk, Dark & White Chocolate. Our packaging design uses the Melbourne CBD street-map as its key feature and all packaging materials are made from recycled or recyclable materials.

Charlies Fine Food Co

Since 2004, husband and wife team Ken and Jacky have been producing glorious gourmet wholesale cookies for retailers and foodservice operators alike. With their commitment to creating the freshest and tastiest cookies every time, they have enjoyed achieving multiple awards and their goodies are consumed by corporate cookie fans, in the air on planes and in countless cafes and restaurants across the country. The Charlie’s Fine Food Co. philosophy is that you should take your pleasure seriously and the company lives by that motto every day. Consumer feedback is prolific and unanimous …Charlie’s Fine Food Co. Cookies are irresistible, addictive and more-ish.

Hamlet Belgium Chocolates

Stunning and delicious fine Belgium Chocolates.  In 1956, the story of Hamlet started with Alfred Geltmeyer. Operating out of a small bakery in the centre of Vrasene (Belgium), he started a small-scale wholesale sweets business. When his three children joined the company, they chose to expand it with the company’s own chocolate-producing facility. Nowadays, all Hamlet employees share the same passion: offering you the most delicious chocolates and sweets. Every single day. Belgian chocolate products are unrivalled in their quality and diversity. Discover these delicious products ranging from a rich choice of Belgian chocolates, truffles, and praline filled figures, to crispy chocolate chips, the most delicious melting chocolate and beautifully decorated chocolate figurines. All these items are made of 100% Belgian chocolate.

The Cocoa Emporium

The Cocoa Emporium sources the finest gourmet chocolates and gourmet sweets from Australia & the world for this luxury gourmet gifting range.


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A gift that truly makes
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