Melbourne Cocoa

We painstakingly select ethically produced cocoa and cocoa derivatives from around the world and blend them with Australian milk powders and sugar by hand, in Melbourne's outer east, to create completely unique blends.

Melbourne Cocoa sets out to define a flavour profile distinct to this part of the world. That is chocolate that tastes of chocolate - rich in cocoa and cocoa butter with a creamy, not milky, finish. The range is built upon our signature blends of Milk, Dark & White Chocolate.

Our packaging design uses the Melbourne CBD street-map as its key feature and all packaging materials are made from recycled or recyclable materials.

Melbourne Cocoa

Officially launched in 2019, Melbourne Cocoa is the brainchild of Jeremy and Philippa Kennedy-Wilson, the 2nd generation artisans behind Kennedy & Wilson, a label that has delivered award-winning chocolate to chefs and aficionados for over 25 years. The family owned and operated umbrella company, The Cocoa Group, has a long history of manufacturing chocolate for a range of premium private labels too. 

To conceive Melbourne Cocoa, Jez and Pip paired up with Rich Harley, a Melbourne designer with a passion for his city and extensive experience designing local wine, food and event creative. This combination of chocolate royalty and design edge makes Melbourne Cocoa a youthful, dynamic, distinctly Melbourne experience. 

With a factory based in Melbourne’s outer east, the team embarked on a mission to secure a permanent retail home. Somewhere where loyal customers and visitors can indulge in the Melbourne Cocoa experience. Somewhere as truly Melbourne as our chocolate is. In July 2019, Queen Victoria Market welcomed Melbourne Cocoa to its newest precinct String Bean Alley. It’s a match made in heaven. 

Since its launch and store opening, Melbourne Cocoa continues to craft artisanal chocolate treats, gifts and experiences reflective of Melbourne and continuously receive high praise from chocolate lovers across Australia. 

“Inspired by the city it calls home, Mebourne Cocoa makes sophisticated and alluring chocolate for great cooks and fine food lovers. Crafted by an experienced team of chocolatiers, each blend has been artfully created to yield a flavour which is not only delightful, but wholly 'Melbourne. Melbourne Cocoa offers personalised and artisanal chocolate treats, gifts and experiences reflective of Melbourne in their flavour profile and their design edge."

About Melbourne Cocoa Chocolate

Most retail chocolates you find in Australia use pre-made imported chocolate. We're different. We make our chocolate from scratch using the finest quality ingredients from Australia and around the globe. 

Unlike most Milk chocolate, our blend has a high cocoa content and correspondingly low sugar content. It is truly 'all about the chocolate'.

Our signature milk chocolate also has high cocoa butter content and high dairy fat content. It has an incredibly smooth texture and true melt-in-the-mouth quality.
It is ideal for patisserie needs, great in ganaches and also an irresistible eating chocolate.
The high cocoa butter content enables thin, crisp praline shells.

Total Cocoa Content: 48%
Cocoa Butter Content: High
Cocoa Origin: Predominantly a blend of West African Cocoa
Conching: Minimum of 12 hours at low temperature
Ingredients: Cocoa (Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Powder), Milk Powder (Full-Cream Milk & Skim Milk), Sugar, Vanilla Pods & Soy lecithin

Characteristics (After Tempering)

A full flavoured Milk Chocolate. Mid brown in colour with strong warm-cocoa and caramel notes on the nose. The palate shows distinctive malted-milk & caramel-mocha flavours with nuances of salt, and cinnamon.
The ultra-smooth texture/mouthfeel leads to a balanced finish with a satisfyingly lingering aftertaste.

Melt: Body temperature
Snap: Semi-Sharp
Gloss: High


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A gift that truly makes
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