La Russolillo Italian Passata

Once upon a time in our city the tradition to make every year the tomato at home. it was like a holiday time spent with all the family together. It was like an assembly line around a large table. We remember our grandmothers and mothers making the bottles of fresh tomato puree and left in a big pot with hot water to cook with the “Bagnomaria" system in order to preserve the natural quality of the tomatoes. We grew up with this image and every day our company faithful to our tradition produces tomatoes with the same system much slower industrial processes, but it allows us to preserve the organoleptic qualities. Our first choice tomatoes are processed within 24 hours, allowing us to avoid the use of citric acid (which causes heartburn).

La Russolillo Italian Passata

Bain marie cooking, what are the advantages?

The scent of tomatoes tells of a feeling that seems distant but familiar at the same time. The scent of summer, of light-heartedness, of families gathered for the “tomatoes” ritual. Russolillo produces its tomato preserves by faithfully tracing the ancient Campania custom, which has survived until recent times, of bringing the family together to prepare tomato preserves to be placed in the pantry and used all year round. 

Things made slow are the best, slower and more delicate pasteurization than steam tunnels, to preserve color, smell, freshness and nutritional values.
A flavor that comes back from the past, intact, because we respect those production principles.

To bring only the true flavor of the tomato to the table, it is harvested by hand and processed within 24 hours and then pasteurized in a bain-marie, allowing it to keep its organoleptic properties intact.

Products without Citric Acid
The main cause of heartburn that many people feel after eating bottled sauce is not used in our our products.

Natural and Organic Products
Our organic products satisfy the demand of the Italian and international market for healthy, high quality and safe food.

Homemade Production Process
The production process has remained faithful to the type of homemade production, as per tradition in almost all Campania families.


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A gift that truly makes
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