About Us

The Gourmet Pantry was founded by Australian foodies to help bridge the gap between gourmet food distributors and the people who enjoy their products.  We are exclusively online to keep the prices of our products low, and so we can supply Australia's best food brands to customers wide across the nation!

We supply only Australia's best brands.  Today, we represent household names like Ernest Hillier Chocolates and Valley Produce Company, as well as regional Australian brands such as The Regimental Condiment Company.  We also venture up to the Mediterranean coast to supply Italy's favourite one-pot gourmet meals from Tiberino. 

We are an extension of the Gourmet Brands Pty Ltd company to cater to our end customers!
For wholesale opportunities of the products we sell on this store and a wide variety of other gourmet brands; visit www.gourmetbrands.com.au.



Our Featured Brands

Tiberino One-Pot Gourmet Meals

Ernest Hillier Chocolates

The Regimental Condiment Company

Valley Produce Company