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Celebrate in style with our range of Luxury Gourmet Hampers featuring the finest Champagne from G.H. Mumm and premium sparkling wine from Mumm Marlborough. The prestigious champagne house G.H. Mumm has been blending the finest vintages since 1827. Since the very beginning, Mumm has always carefully controlled the quality of the grapes used in order to guarantee the consistency and excellence of its champagnes. Mumm has patented several high-tech processes, which all help ensure the quality of the wines. Since its creation, Mumm’s style has been built on a subtle balance between freshness and intensity, carried forward by the House’s unbroken line of 12 cellar masters. Our Champagne hampers include G.H. Mumm Grand Cordon and G.H. Mumm Cordon Rouge.Mumm Marlborough's exceptional sparkling wines are made from New Zealand's finest grapes united with the traditional expertise of Champagne Maison Mumm. Mumm Marlborough's sparkling wines are made using the Methode Traditionelle, which follows the same procedures used by Maison Mumm to create its champagne; a complex, long and demanding process that allows the wines to fully develop a wealth of flavours. Our Sparkling hampers include Mumm Marlborough Prestige Brut and Mumm Marlborough Vintage Rose.