El Avion

Over 90 years ago, Jose Maria Gomez Mira, initiated a very special journey through the senses. With the brand El Avion he set the foundations that continue to inspire the preparation of thousands of aromas and thousands of flavours. Based in Novelda, Alicante and with over 90 years of experience, El Avion specialise in the finest selection of saffron, paprika, seasonings and oils as well as paella kits that are perfect for gifting. 

El Avion

Traditional paella recipe

Ingredients (For 6 servings)

- ‘EL AVIÓN’ rice (75 gr/per person)
- Paella mix ‘EL AVIÓN’ (1 sachet for 4 people)
- Water /chicken stock(250 ml/per person)
- Extra virgin olive oil (20 ml/per person)
- Chicken cut into pieces (100 gr/per person)
- Fresh tomatoes peeled and grated (1/2 tomato/per person)
- Unpeeled garlic (1/2 per person)
- Salt to taste
- Red pepper cut into strips (1 pepper for 4 people)

Step 1
1. Pour olive oil into the paella pan on a firm surface and heat it, hot but not smoking.

2. Fry the strips of pepper over a low flame until they are golden and tender. Take them out, to add later.

3. Fry the garlic and chicken on a medium low heat until it is well cooked and brown on both sides.

4. Add the grated tomato and fry it over low heat

5. Blend thoroughly...the stir-fry is now done. Add the ‘EL AVIÓN’ rice and mix well.

6. You have to boil everything over a hot fire for 20-30 minutes. It is very important that you taste how salty the water is.

Step 2

7. Add warm water/chicken stock and turn the heat up high.

8. Spread the rice uniformly over the pan with a spoon.

9. Add 1 sachet of paella mix ‘EL AVIÓN’ and spread it. Taste and season.

10. Once boiling, there are 3 stages: boil at a high heat for 8 minutes / then reduce the heat to a minimum, add the strips of pepper, and simmer for a further 8 minutes / finally turn off the heat and let it the paella rest for a further 3 minutes, whilst covering the paella with a cloth. The paella is now ready.

Total cooking time 19 minutes.


- Use only high quality products. ‘EL AVIÓN’ rice, paella mix and extra virgin olive oil.

- Before commencing to cook, lay out all ingredients and tools that you will be using.

- Use chicken stock instead of water. The taste will be much better.

- Adhere strictly to cooking times.

- If some ingredients do not match your taste, simply don't use them. You can always use alternative meats, vegetables, fish or shellfish. Paella is a dish wich lends itself to a wide range of ingredients, dependent onv personal taste.

- The heat must be evenly distributed over the whole base of the pan.


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