Enjoy Australia's finest selection of Gingerbread with our range of traditional and gluten-free gingerbread. From everyday snacking options perfect for lunchboxes through to delicious seasonal Gingerbread treats for Christmas and Easter including tradtional, gluten free, and Chocolate Gingerbread House Kits. 


How to Assemble your Gingerbread Folk house kit
Decorate your very own gingerbread house! A great family activity and elegant corporate gift. Incl gingerbread parts + royal-icing mix, baseboard, piping bag and instructions. 

Before you start, mix the special VEGAN ROYAL ICING POWDER with35ml water until a toothpast-like consisitency is achieved. Stir vigorously for about a minute to encorporate plenty of air so that a spoon will stand up straight in the mixture (electric beaters can also be used). Fill PIPING BAG and snip 1/2 cm from the pointy end. If a larger hole is required, snip again until the desired opening width is achieved. Sqeeze icing on parts to be glued  together and then use remaining icing to decorate. 

1. Pick up a GABLE SIDE. Ice along the base and both edges. Place this down on a clean surface.
2. Now pick up a RECTANGULAR WALL and ice just along the base.
3. Take the two pieces just iced and place the GABLE SIDE behind the RECTANGULAR WALL so they are perpendicular to each other on your foil baseboard. They will stay securely in place because you have created an L-shape for stability. 
4. Repeate the steps above with the other GABLE SIDE and RECTANGULAR WALL parts.
5. Squeeze generous tubes of icing onto the sloping edges of your GABLE SIDES ready for the ROOF PANELS.
6. Place the ROOF PANELS on one at a time holding in place just for a few seconds.
7. Put a little dollop of icing on the sloping bse of your CHIMNEY and locate it on the roof. Hold in place for a few seconds.
8. Voila, your Gingerbread House is complete! Ice ith windows and doors, then decorate with icing and lollies to your hearts content. 


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A gift that truly makes
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