Fruit Paste

Add the delicious, concentrated fruit flavour paste pyramids by VPC to your next cheese or charcuterie board and your guests will be impressed and delighted with the intensity and texture they bring to the table. The range of fruit jelly and pastes from The Regimental Condiment Company are the perfect flavour combinations and size for cheese boards

Fruit Paste

How to Make the Perfect Cheese Board 

Want to impress your friends and family with a delicious Cheese Board?

- Start with the cheeses and place evenly over your cheese board.  

- Get a mix of cheese textures. Make sure there’s a soft cheese like a Brie, a crumbly cheese like a bleu cheese is great for this and a hard cheese such as a cheddar or parmesan. Ensure you get a mixture of flavours with a couple of milder versions. Use a mix of shapes and colours – a pale round brie, a sharp wedge of parmesan, a square of cheddar – it all adds to the visual appeal 

- Then add in the following order a selection of meats, fruits, vegetables, condiments, and crackers. Meats like salami, pancetta, prosciutto as well as olives, sundried tomatoes, artichokes, or marinated mushrooms bring delicious salty flavours. Pile them around the board or use small bowls if needed. Add nuts and seeds 

- Then add fruit to brings a sweet element using grapes, figs, cherries, dried apricots, and muscatel grapes. Next up add vegetables such as cherry tomatoes, capsicum slices, snow peas and asparagus for vibrant colour. 

- Crackers then bring the crunch. From the simple water cracker to artisan flavours, crackers are an integral part of any cheese board. Use different shapes, sizes and textures and pile them high for big impact. 

Condiments are important. Add fruit pastes, dips, spreads, pesto, tapenades, mustards, chutneys, and relishes – decant directly onto the board or into small bowls or use the jar they came in straight onto the board. 

Keep adding to the board, filling spaces for a rustic, generous look. 

And don’t forget the garnishes – try rosemary, parsley, or edible flowers. 

Finish with your finest cheese knives and then get ready to wow your guests.


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