Jams & Spreads

These flavourful sweet and savoury spreads will quickly become household favourites. Our jams include a range of perfect pairings like Peach & Raspberry and Triple Berry Jam and go perfectly on bread or accompanied by cheeses of all varieties. Our savoury spreads are a wonderful addition to any BBQ, mixed with cream cheese for a quick dip or used as a marinade.


Jams & Spreads

Learn about our Jam and Spreads brands:

Daylesford Condiment Company: 

Only an hour west from Melbourne, Daylesford is a peaceful and tranquil town surrounded by beautiful farmland and forest; a breathtaking place with rolling hills, mineral springs, stunning views, culture and beautiful architecture. A welcoming place to enjoy all four seasons in a year (sometimes in a day).  

Daylesford is a great place for a local business, it is a place full of energy and vitality, with lots of local growers and artisan food and wine producers and great restaurants. People come to the region for that very reason, to enjoy the great food and wine available as well as the indulgence of a spa and a massage.  

Locally owned, produced and Australian, Daylesford Condiment Company creates a selection of jams and condiments. We aim to stay true to the heritage of small preserve makers and at the same time stay ahead of the rest of the market. 


The unique coastal region of Croatia is the inspiration for our brand Dalmatia® — well-known for its Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, nuts, cheeses, domestic olive oils and of course, its beauty. 

Our flavourful sweet and savory spreads are made from the best local and regional ingredients we can find—quince, fig, sour cherry, pepper & eggplant, orange, and apricot to name a few. 

We use first-class fruit to make our Spreads and actively work to support regional agriculture in Northern and Eastern Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, coastal Dalmatia, and other Mediterranean regions. Our figs come from the pristine Dalmatian Coast of Croatia and other Mediterranean regions. 

Each fig is inspected by hand for quality, before being gently cooked into our signature Fig Spreads! 

The Sweet Spreads pair perfectly with cheeses of all varieties, and with baked goods, and the Savory Spreads are a wonderful addition to any charcuterie or antipasto plate. 

The Regimental Condiment Company: 

The Regimental Condiment Company is an Australian food company producing a range of gourmet food products emanating from the glory days of the Officers' Mess. Our range of condiments includes chutneys and relishes, sauces, jams and jellies, mustards and horseradish, and cheese jellies. Nearly all our products are made in Australia to traditional family recipes, handed down through the generations. Where possible we use no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives in production. 


At The Gourmet Pantry, we are all about sourcing delicious gourmet food and helping you stock your pantry with the finest gourmet products from Australia and the world. Our pantry is stocked full of amazing gourmet food to help you prepare delicious meals and entertain friends and family. Our fabulous range and easy delivery options means we can help keep your pantry stocked with the best gourmet food product. 



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A gift that truly makes
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