The world’s finest liquorice by Lakrids by Bulow makes the perfect gift for special occasions. Lovingly created, this Danish Confectionery is the embodiment of luxury. From its delicious flavours to its stunning packaging – Lakrids by Bulow is the perfect gift.


Lakrids by Bülow are on a mission to make the world love liquorice.  

LAKRIDS BY BÜLOW is the story of passionate craftsmanship and gourmet liquorice. In 2007 they created an exceptional Danish liquorice, and today they continue the journey of creating surprising combinations and sensorial taste experiences with liquorice as their core. The ambition has remained the same: To inspire people around the world and spread their love for this unique Nordic flavour. 

All their products start with fresh liquorice root, and it takes up to 48 hours to make one single piece of liquorice. That piece of liquorice is then sweetened and seasoned. The liquorice is gluten free and made in Denmark. 

Their vision is to spread the love for liquorice around the globe. Not only the sweet kind, not only the salty one, but the whole spectrum of flavours that can be achieved when using liquorice as a spice. 

About the different types of liquorice:  

First product developed when Johan Bülow had the original idea to coat liquorice with chocolate. People were at first sceptical about the idea, but the popular product A soon saw the light of day. The combination of sweet liquorice, exclusive milk chocolate and fine liquorice powder is according to many instantly addictive. 
Sweet liquorice coated in exclusive white chocolate and persuasive passion fruit. The acidity of the passion fruit, the sweetness of the chocolate and the ability of the liquorice to unite these flavours gives a perfect bite. Sweet, sour and supreme – enclosed by a delicate, crunchy sugar shell. 
For a connoisseur, good coffee tends to be part of everyday life. Lakrids C is a sweet liquorice coated in a blend of smooth milk chocolate and Coffee Collective’s coffee beans from the small community 'Kieni', located in the heart of Kenya. The roasting profiles are carefully selected for the development of Lakrids C because of its fruity and floral notes. To ensure the unique product quality they receive the freshly roasted coffee at their factory just prior to the liquorice production – a good source of coffee all day long. 
We should warn you, it is almost impossible to resist this winning combination of salted caramel and sweet liquorice. Lakrids D is a sweet liquorice covered in caramelized dulce chocolate – flavoured with crunchy flakes of sea salt. Feisty and gentle at the same time. You simply can’t have just one. 
A daring pairing of white chocolate and a salty liquorice core. As the creamy white chocolate melts in your mouth, small pockets of intriguing raw liquorice powder are revealed, making it a perfectly balanced sweet-salty experience. 
Based on the original batch of liquorice Johan Bulow cooked when he opened his first shop back in July 2007.  It is made exclusively with organic ingredients and coated in luxurious milk chocolate. 
Their all-time Christmas favourite, CLASSIC, is a combination of soft sweet liquorice, silky smooth dulce chocolate, and a punch from crispy sea salt flakes to tickle your taste buds. A winning combination of taste sensations. 
The GOLD edition perfectly combines the sweetness of white chocolate and the tartness of beautiful pink raspberries with delicious sweet liquorice – all rolled in gold, to brighten this dark season. 

Love has many dimensions. It’s a state of mind, feeling and taste. The sweet dimension of love is STRAWBERRY & CREAM. A synergy between tangy, red strawberries, white soft cream and our own sweet liquorice. Exclusive white chocolate brings it all together, and the fresh and satisfying union is here to make you taste true, Danish love. 

Fall in love with the seductive combination of salty heart-shaped liquorice smothered in dulce chocolate with layers of fruity and pungent black currant and crunchy pieces of raw liquorice. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It's sure to leave your heart longing for more. 

This is the pure essence of liquorice, with the natural sweetness from the liquorice root. Sweet taste balanced with strength and a touch of finesse from pure aniseed. For so many, No.1 is not just their number one, it’s their one and only. 

When your lips close around a bite of this strong, salty liquorice, the potent Nordic taste explodes on your tongue, bringing up associations of the sea, tar, bonfire smoke and the scent of resin. No.2 is the absolute favourite in the Nordic countries. 

It has taken more than 5 years to create Johan Bülow’s variation of American liquorice. Red liquorice – soft and chewy with natural fruit and juice. An exquisite taste of blackcurrant, cranberry, lemon and strawberry, balanced with liquorice. 

Liquorice combined with fresh chili is a good example of how two natural forces can create a new taste sensation. Sweet liquorice with spicy Habanero chili – prepare for a hot yet harmonious bite. 


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A gift that truly makes
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