Mumm At Home: Boston Lobster for Valentine's by Chef Ray Choi

Want to surprise your love ones with a romantic dinner? Here we have the Gentlemen survival tutorial video presented by Chef Ray Choi from COBO House. 

Pan Fried Boston Lobster with Citrus Vinaigrette & Raspberries
Recommended to pair with Mumm Grand Cordon Rose
Ingredient list:
For Lobster:
1pc Boston lobster
½pc Onion 
1/3pc leek
2 cloves Garlic
2tsp Tomato paste
200ml Grape seed oil
30g Butter 

For Citrus vinaigrette & Raspberries sauce:
¼pc Grapefruit 
½pc Orange 
½pc Lemon 

30g Shallot 
1g Parsley (optional)
1.5g Tarragon 

Cooking Procedures:
               1) Handle the Lobster
               • Cut the lobster right through the head from above to bottom and remove the claws
               • Insert chopstick from the end to its head until its straightened
               • Boil the lobster claw for 5 mins, and boil all the remaining part for 1.5 mins
               • Put everything in ice water until its cool down (10min)
               • Use scissors to cut the claw of lobsters
               • Bring all lobsters shell to a drainer to remove all exceed liquid / water

               2) Prepare Lobster Oil
               • Cut the lobster head into 4 pieces
               • Fry the lobster shell with grape seed oil until golden brown and remove from pan
               • Sweat the veggie in the same frying bot until brown colour then add tomato paste and stalk of  herbs
               • Turn the fire to low heat and slow cook for  20-30 mins, when ready strain all the ingredients

               3) Prepare Citrus vinaigrette & Raspberries sauce
               • Skin off all citrus fruit and Cut into dice shape
               • Squeeze the orange and lemon juice from the trimming 
               • Finely chop the herbs
               • Prepare raspberries on side to use later
               • Heat the sauce pan with low-medium heat and add a bit lobster oil to sweat the shallot until translucent and fragrant with no colour, then add the citrus mix 
               • season with salt and finish with the fresh herbs

               4) Pan fried Lobster
               • Season the lobster tail with salt 
               • Heat the fry pan with butter in medium heat
               • When become bubble put the lobster in and seared until golden brown but not over cooked it (2-3mins)
               • Cut the lobster tail down its length, from the thickest part of the tail to the ending fins

5) Plating

Thank you for watching, enjoy responsibly. Video content courtesy of G.H. Mumm International.